Essential Oil Rosemary


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100% Pure Rosemary Essential Oil (Moroccan)

You probably need no introduction to the strong, fresh, herbal and woody aroma of AWO’s pure Moroccan Rosemary Essential Oil. Prized for its wide range of medicinal and antiseptic properties, Rosemary essential oil is said to be one of the most powerful plant oils known to man.

Rosemary Essential Oil blends well with BasilCedarwoodCinnamonCitronellaFrankincenseLavandinLavender, Peppermint and Pine essential oils.

Botanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis L.
Other Names: Rosemary CT 1,8-Cineole Oil
Plant Part: Stems & Flowering Tops
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
Country of Origin: Morocco